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The Rector’s Palace was an administrative and administrative center in the era of the Dubrovnik Republic, which in 1399 acquired the area of the Littoral or as it was then called “Terra nuova”.
Over the centuries, it has been accompanied by political troubles where it was destroyed, but it was rebuilt and reopened in 2017 and restored to what it once was.
The Rector’s Palace is located in the northeastern part of the settlement Slano along the main road. Specific functions – the apartment of the prince, the administrative and administrative center of the newly acquired territory of the Littoral (1399), looks more like an established economy than a representative residential building.
The main entrance is on the west side and above it is a relief of a saint with a miter, probably St. Vlach, patron of the Republic of Dubrovnik (damaged). In the partition of the Littoral that was executed in the same year, five gold pieces of land were allocated for the house, office and garden of the prince. The Grand Council decides on May 17th that the Duke of Terre Nuove – the Dubrovnik name for the Littoral, also called the Slano Littoral – will be elected in the Small Council for 3 months with a monthly salary of 50 perper, and later on for 6 months with a salary of 200 perper.

Notwithstanding the later degradation of the Rector’s Palace, and especially after the abolition of the Dubrovnik Republic, it is a representative seat of administrative power in the out-of-town area of ​​the Dubrovnik Republic. Over the centuries, it was accompanied by political troubles in which this area of ​​the Dubrovnik Republic was located, from 1667, arson in 1806, until its destruction in 1991. After three and a half years of work, the Rector’s Palace was rebuilt and opened in May 2017 and restored to what it once was and is now available for cultural and social events.


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