Interesting facts about prehistory in the Dubrovnik Littoral, early Christian sarcophagi, the Rector’s Palace in Slano, maritime tradition, coastal costumes and other historical and ethnographic heritage will be found in the Heritage House of the Dubrovačko primorje. The area of valuable protected property of for the fifty years of use of The Diocese of Dubrovnik gave Dubrovnik Littoral Municipality a valuable protected area of the Parish Court to use for fifty years.

The investment of reconstruction and equipping of the Native House worth over HRK 8 million will be realized as a part of the implementation of the EU project Rural educational, cultural and ethnographic tourist attraction, run by the Dubrovnik-Neretva County and operationally implemented by the DUNEA Regional Agency with Dubrovnik Littoral Municipality and 10 partners.

The ground floor will house exhibits of the rich ethnographic and historical heritage of the Dubrovnik Littoral, and will feature a lecture hall for cultural and scientific events as well as other relevant manifestations. The first floor will have arranged units to accommodate lecture guests, artists, researchers, curators and similar. The second floor will house a multifunction hall, which will be equipped with multimedia equipment and will be used for cultural and educational purposes, workshops and similar. It will also be a gallery (exhibition) space because the equipment will enable 3D projections of exhibits, which will be an innovative and completely new way of presenting the heritage in this area. The Native House of the Dubrovnik Littoral is the first such major project to raise awareness of cultural heritage and create an identity for the region.


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